Obsessed: Vol IV

Welcome to “Obsessed,” a series sharing recent discoveries and interesting things from across the internet, like stuff you should know, trending articles, products I don’t know how I lived without, and more! And since I tend to overuse the term “obsessed,” this should be a fairly frequent column. And, of course, please let me know what you’re digging lately in…


Moment of Zen: Four Wellness and Meditation Studios in Chicago

I’ve been reading (okay, listening to the audiobook of) Material Girl, Mystical World, and the further I get into it, the more I’m convinced that the wellness/mindfulness trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, like many trends, it might be going strong on the coasts but is slower to hit the Midwest and Chicago. Looking at you, juice shops… pretty…

Sample Sale Shopping Tips: The Gilt Sample Sale Chicago | alittleleopard.com

The Gilt Sample Sale Chicago: Sample Sale Shopping Tips 101

You guys. I almost forgot another reason October is so great: the Gilt Sample Sale Chicago is this weekend! (I’m also attending a Blackhawks game with my cousin, a yearly tradition of ours since she started college. So between hockey and sample sales, it’s just going to be a very Abby weekend.) I attended my first Gilt Sample Sale Chicago…