Planning my bedroom refresh on

Bedroom Refresh: Upgrading My Bedding Situation, Part One

I’ve been slightly MIA on A Little Leopard as of late, and I don’t really have a good excuse except that I’ve been very busy and very tired. Isn’t summer supposed to be all sunny and energetic? Because I have just beenĀ drained lately… it’s making me wonder if my adrenals are off or something. Can adrenals be “off”? Is that…


Style Uniform: Summer Work Outfits Edition

Two summers ago, The New York Times published a scathing report that yes, offices temperatures are freezing and yes, it’s all men’s fault. Moral of the story: the “hot outside, cold inside” dilemma is all too real, and super challenging to dress for on a daily basis. Also real: what we’ve dubbed the “PR Girl Uniform” in my office. Luckily,…


Life, Lately: OOTD Obsessions, My New Favorite Luggage and More

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a little life, lately update, hasn’t it? Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to, from the #ootd I can’t stop wearing to Glossier’s latest launch, as told via my Instagram. Oh, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, I finally caught up with the times and made my Instagrams shoppable! You can…