7 Email Newsletters + Subscriptions I Actually Read

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My morning routine is pretty quick, largely due to my terrible snooze-button habit. That means I’m pretty much getting up, getting dressed and running out the door. So, my morning commute has become sort of my “reset for the day ahead” time… and one of my favorite ways to do that is by catching up on my favorite email subscriptions.

Plus, it’s sort of nice to get something in my inbox on a daily or weekly basis that’s NOT a promotional email of some sort. Here are seven of the best email newsletters to perk up your inbox:


AKA the one you’ve probably already heard of. theSkimm is a daily news digest that breaks down the biggest headlines into, well, a skimmable, easy-to-understand format. It helps that their tone is super chill and friendly, even when talking about complex issues. Fact: I would be a heck of a lot less informed without theSkimm. Seriously, even my dad reads it.

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The Newsette

Think of The Newsette like theSkimm’s younger, pop-culture obsessed sister. Every morning after I’ve finished reading theSkimm, I open The Newsette to check out the latest celebrity and entertainment news, see some pretty Instagram pictures, and maybe take a dive into the morning routine of an inspiring woman. It’s like a little espresso shot for your brain.

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You know that super cool friend who always seems to know what’s trendy before it’s actually a trend? Undrrated is that friend, in newsletter form. Magazine editor Marina Khidekel interviews creatives, entrepreneurs and other interesting people to scout “under-the-radar culture, food and style finds they love”…and then share it with you, via your inbox, every Wednesday.

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Create & Cultivate

I am mildly obsessed with Create & Cultivate, a brand for entrepreneurial, career-focused millennial women. They’re mostly known for conferences, but also have a super inspiring blog…and, of course, an email newsletter with “exclusive content, free downloads & killer tips direct to your inbox!” Plus, if you’re job hunting, they also have a C&C Classifieds email with job postings from around the web at cool, creative companies.

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Girlboss is the next step for Sophia Amoruso, a “social, digital and experiential platform” for women to connect. It’s super similar to Create & Cultivate, but with a broader focus. Content spans work, relationships, money, wellness and more, all filtered through the distinct Girlboss lens.

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Well + Good

There are a lot of healthy living websites out there, and a lot of lifestyle websites, but Well + Good combines them both into one super fashionable package. It’s health and fitness with a side of trend-spotting, covering topics like the boutique fitness industry, natural beauty, nutrition, activewear trends and much, much more. I always check their daily digest to get a stylish run-down of what’s going on in wellness.

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The AstroTwins

What, like I wasn’t going to admit to religiously reading my weekly horoscope? Well, I do, and The AstroTwins have the best horoscope email out there. What more do you need?

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Anything else I should add to my subscription list? Let me know your favorite email newsletters in the comments below!

Image: The Newsette

  • I currently have 5 tabs open in order to subscribe to 5 of these lists! Thanks for sharing!

    I love the REDEF emails, its a curated list of articles about a topic like media, fashion or sports. I’m always looking for internet longreads so these newsletters help me out big time.