Favorite Bedrooms

Yes, I live in a studio, but that doesn’t mean I can’t collect decor inspiration for when I’m able to upgrade to a space with a dedicated bedroom.

I’m also looking forward to the day when the thought of painting my walls doesn’t seem like the world’s biggest undertaking, because I have learned lately that I love a good dark wall (or four). In fact, this MyDomaine quiz confirmed that dark-walled bedrooms and I are meant to be.

I’m a fan of statement walls in general, really. Case in point:

Love the use of patterns and art pieces in the bedroom above.

I don’t care if they’re super trendy, I still totally have a thing for Moroccan wedding blankets.

All these rooms are grounded in neutrals, but fairly eclectic and with lots of texture. So it’s only fitting that my own bed features a sequin throw and mix of patterns. That’s the beauty of collecting inspiration on a site like Pinterest – when you see all your favorites together, common threads begin to emerge.

What are some of your favorite bedroom decor styles? Preppy and polished, feminine eclectic (heyyy style twin) or something else entirely?