The Last Three (and a Half) Things I Bought

Two major beauty launches happened in the past, like, ten days, and of course I snagged both products. And then I bought a pair of shoes, too, because it’s been a long and busy week, and sometimes you just need to treat yo self.

First up: Glossier finally did a sunscreen!! I’ve always wished that the skin tint had SPF in it, or that they’d just make a sunscreen of their own, and they did! Like the rest of their products, it’s cruelty-free… which not always the case with sunscreen since the FDA considers it an over-the-counter drug. Anyway, the texture’s great, it saves my pale pale skin from the harsh rays of the sun and, like pretty much all of Glossier’s stuff, is just a really easy product to incorporate into my routine.

Second, I’m running out of hair oil. I’ve been using Ouai, which I like, but then they had to go and launch a rose hair and body oil. Like the flower, not the wine. It was very confusing because they were featuring the rose-scented oil with bottles of rosé in all their promotional materials, so in my head I kept calling it “rosé hair and body oil.” Though let’s be real, there’s a good chance I’d buy that product, too. Anyway, it just arrived yesterday and I’m excited to start smelling more like a flower all the time. A flower with silky smooth, less frizzy hair.

I also snagged a full-size texturizing hair spray to get to free shipping from Because it’s always better to pay for an actual physical product than pay for the privilege of having purchases mailed to you. Right? Anyway, I’m counting the hairspray as a half-thing.

Finally, I have been mildly obsessed with Gucci’s fur Princetown loafers for literally months. No, that’s not my most recent purchase. For one thing, they are lined with kangaroo fur, which is weird to me. For another, they cost more than my monthly rent and I think my mother would actually kill me if I spent that much on shoes.

However! Steve Madden, masters of being “inspired” by designer shoes, created a lovely fur lined loafer of their own. And their price tag is much easier to stomach than $1,000 — especially for such an admittedly trendy item. Gucci loafers are the Valentino Rockstuds of 2017, I am calling it now. I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair today when I saw the Steve Madden version dip below $65 on Amazon in my size… thank god for price changes and Prime shipping, eh?

What have you snagged lately that you’re excited about? Share your fave recent hauls in the comments!

Feature image via my Instagram…which is now shoppable right over here!