Moment of Zen: Four Wellness and Meditation Studios in Chicago

A guide to yoga and meditation studios in Chicago: OhmCulture |

I’ve been reading (okay, listening to the audiobook of) Material Girl, Mystical World, and the further I get into it, the more I’m convinced that the wellness/mindfulness trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, like many trends, it might be going strong on the coasts but is slower to hit the Midwest and Chicago. Looking at you, juice shops… pretty sure Chicagoans were still focused on froyo and Jamba Juice while Los Angeles and New York City were enjoying cold-pressed goodness.

Anyway, we have plenty of juice options now, and we’re finally starting to get wellness and meditation studios in Chicago, too. Whether it’s a yoga studio that also offers meditation as part of a well-rounded practice, or a space focusing on the more unique practice of sound healing, here are four spots to get your zen on in Chicago:

Chill Chicago

New York has MNDFL, Chicago has Chill. I finally got a chance to try this “modern wellness concept” because it’s on ClassPass, so it’s super accessible to busy city folk. Yes, even ones who “aren’t good at meditating.” The studio, which has been open since April 2017, is absolutely gorgeous and offers chair massage and curated retail in addition to guided meditation classes. The class I took was half yoga, half meditation, and especially great for meditation newbies. I’d love to make the studio and its guided meditations a regular part of my routine — I’ll definitely be back!

Mirepoix Studio

Okay, Mirepoix has been on my list to try for. ev. er.┬áIt’s on Ashland Avenue in Wicker Park and is one of the few places in Chicago you can do hip-hop vinyasa. They also have kombucha and coffee on tap — oh, yes, and guided meditation sessions, too.

Anatomy Redefined

In Chicago’s West Loop, Anatomy Redefined is offering a slightly different spin on meditation: sound healing with gongs and quartz crystal singing bowls. The studio, which has been featured in Vogue, will actually be closing on November 30, so if sound baths pique your interest be sure to check it out before then!


OhmCulture is a yoga and wellness community as much as it is a yoga studio. Located just off Randolph Row in the West Loop, OhmCulture offers yoga classes, guided meditation, workshops and more. They also do new moon and full moon rituals each month, which I definitely want to check out soon.

Any wellness spots with major zen vibes I need to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Feature Image: OhmCulture