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The Only Five Movies You Need to Watch in October

I take fall vibes very seriously. The second the temperatures cooled in September, I was ready to watch Hocus Pocus, and my roommate wouldn’t let me because she is a fall party pooper. BUT. It is officially October 1, and the perfect time to snuggle up with a blanket, chai tea, and one (or more!) of the below movies cued…

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10 Fall Favorites

Last weekend, it was about a billion (okay, 90) degrees in Chicago. I was convinced that, despite the fact it was getting darker earlier and earlier each night, fall was never going to come. But somehow we’d probably go straight from boiling heat to ice and snow. Luckily, I was wrong. It’s been cooler this week — not quite a chill…


Blank Space, Baby: How to Style Art Above the Bed

Okay, so, I actually really kind of hate Taylor Swift’s music, but it was such a good post title, right?? Anyway, I moved into a new apartment with a friend at the end of August,¬†and we are still very much in the settling in/decorating/organizing phase.¬†Especially my bedroom. It’s all unpacked, sure, but I’ve got a few odds and ends to…