Small Space Inspiration (Or, Help, I’m Completely Over My Apartment!)

Okay, “completely over my apartment” is probably a tiny bit of an exaggeration. But I have the re-decorator’s itch. It’s time for a refresh! It just feels like I have too much stuff, from bookshelves and knickknacks to gallery wall art pieces. I want to spring clean and streamline everything and possibly rearrange all my furniture while I’m at it!

Luckily, I like all my major furniture pieces, since I really can’t afford a new bed or a new couch right now. I’d love to add a rug, though, and updated bedding… I’m just sort of overwhelmed by options and design choices. Pinterest has been a great tool and source of inspiration as I try to hone in on an updated look for the Little Leopard Pad (Little Leopard Den? Do leopards live in dens?)

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten pretty consistent in the types of rooms I’ve been pinning. Lots of neutral spaces with pops of blush, and lots and lots of white bedding. A few of my recent favorites…

I’ve been pretty consistent with my home decor wishlist recently, too. Below are a few of the pieces I have my eye on:

Do you ever get re-decorator’s itch? And if so…any wallet-friendly tips for scratching it? :)

  • Sarah Lyon

    Haha, I legitimately get it every day and can’t stop :) I have the round gold mirror and love it, it looks great in any type of room!