A Springtime Vibes Playlist To Start Your Week Right

On Saturday, it hit the mid-70s in Chicago and I had a practically perfect day. Only practically perfect, though, because I low-key got super, super sunburned after spending a couple of hours at the J.Parker rooftop with friends. I am a lobster now, and it’s embarrassing.

Anyway, I think the key to this practically perfect Spring Saturday was how it started… filled with such possibility and optimism. Like a little morning microcosm of the feeling of spring as a whole.

It helped, of course, that I was wandering through Lakeview, headphones in, iced lavender latte in hand, snapping Instagrams of literally every blooming tree I came across. Also, I wasn’t yet sunburned, which in hindsight was a big plus. So, I put together a few of my favorite tunes that capture that springtime feeling.

I highly recommend listening to this playlist in order…I’m pretty proud of most of the song-to-song transitions. “All We Got” just seemed like a perfect spring-in-Chicago song to kick it off, and every good springtime playlist needs “Here Comes The Sun” and “Dog Days Are Over” on it, right? Also, remember The Shins? The Shins are great.

What do you think? I’m always on the hunt for new music, so I’d love if you shared your favorite spring forward songs in the comments!