Wanderlusting: Three Stylish Los Angeles Hotels to Stay In

Three Stylish Los Angeles Hotels to Stay In | alittleleopard.com

I love a Los Angeles getaway — from Bravolebrity glam to getting my green juice on, it’s one of my favorite cities. However, LA is also basically comprised of cities within a big, sprawling metropolis. Like really, truly, sprawling. And that can get overwhelming for visitors. (Heck, it’s probably overwhelming for people who live there, too.)

That’s why deciding where to stay is key. Every neighborhood in LA proper has its own vibe, and that’s before you get into the west side and the coast. Here are three Los Angeles hotels I’m considering for my next visit out there, based on the following incredibly specific criteria:

  1. Price (based on extensive Googling and insider rates through my company’s travel portal… day job perks)
  2. Location (including important details like proximity to cute coffee, good restaurants and SoulCycle)
  3. Overall vibe and design (is the hotel cool, or is it dated? Is it Instagrammable? And most importantly, does it seem like somewhere I’d look forward to sleeping for a few nights?)
  4. Pet-friendliness (and associated dog fees. My roommate might not have an emotional support peacock, but we’re strongly considering bringing her dog Kane along!)

So, after sorting through lots and lots of hotels, I narrowed it down to the following stylish shortlist of places to stay in Los Angeles. Sorry, Beverly Hills Hotel…you’re just not in my price range. Yet.

The Freehand Los Angeles

Three Stylish Los Angeles Hotels to Stay In: The Freehand Los Angeles Rooftop Pool in Downtown LA | alittleleopard.com

From what I hear, DTLA is experiencing a bit of a resurgence. New museums, restaurants and, yes, hotels are transforming an area once known for bleak offices and, uh, skid row. While the Ace Hotel and the Line are also great options, the Freehand Los Angeles gets my vote for affordability, room design, overall vibes (based on my experience with The Freehand Chicago) and cool stuff nearby (ahem SoulCycle. The DTLA studio is like, right there. I know. I am ridiculous).

Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

Three Stylish Los Angeles Hotels to Stay In: Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills | alittleleopard.com

MyDomaine recommended the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills as one of the best Los Angeles hotels and it’s easy to see why. The Kelly Wearstler-designed interiors infuse her signature glamour with an overall mid-century modern feel — and they’re totally swoon-worthy. The hotel is tucked in a residential neighborhood, but only a fifteen-minute walk to iconic sites like Rodeo Drive. (Except nobody walks in Los Angeles, it’s the weirdest thing and one of my pet peeves about the city. People will literally drive five minutes instead of walking. Still love it, though.)

Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Three Stylish Los Angeles Hotels to Stay In: Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills | alittleleopard.comCue a cheesy realtor saying “location, location, location”… the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is across the street from the Beverly Center, walkable to Melrose Place and pretty darn centrally located. It’s also gorgeous — very French chic meets Hollywood glam. (Sofitel is a French brand.) This hotel is the most expensive option of the three, but if you’re bringing a pet along, there is no extra charge, which is basically why it made the list. Also, it’s pretty.

Shop chic pieces to get the LA look on your next visit below, and let me know what your favorite Los Angeles hotels are in the comments!

Images: Fathom, Avalon Hotel, Sofitel

Feature Image: SFGirlByBay