What to Wear to a Winter Concert (Hint: Leather is Usually the Answer)

It is November in Chicago, which means a few things:

  1. It is cold and rainy and most people are complaining about how we seemed to go straight from 80 degree days to this nonsense.
  2. I got hit with my annual “flu-like symptoms,” which happened on Sunday. Getting sick on the weekend stinks, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as last year (proof, to me, that flu shots make things worse). Plus that means I didn’t have to take a day off and will be recovered in time for…
  3. LCD Soundsystem! Tonight is their final show in Chicago and I will be there dancing myself clean.

I am so excited to see James Murphy and co. live, but planning fall or winter concert outfits can get super tricky. Or, at least, it’s super tricky in places that aren’t Los Angeles. Your outfit needs to a) be something you can dance in, b) keep you warm on the outside but not make you sweat to death inside the venue, and c) give off that “cool girl” concert vibe.

All black everything is usually a safe bet, as are darker, edgier pieces. Leather? Always a good idea. Skinny jeans and a white tee are instantly more rock ‘n’ roll when paired with a leather jacket and pair of shit-kicking boots.

Here are two celebrity-inspired options for fall or winter concert outfits (in addition to the Gigi Hadid ensemble pictured above)… and, of course, all of them incorporate leather in some way:

I wish I had a better quality version of this image, but it shows that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is apparently the queen of concert style as well as airport style. A denim jacket is the perfect way to add interest to an all-black ensemble with leather leggings. It’ll keep you warm in transit, and can easily be tied around your waist so you can focus on what’s import once you’re there. aka dancing. Although maybe consider more comfortable shoes.

Kendall’s outfit formula works just as well for coffee runs as it does for concerts: distressed denim, ankle boots, a basic white shirt and all topped off with a leather jacket (naturally). The chokers and statement belt add extra edge…but if you can’t afford Gucci, a cute Western-style belt will do just fine.

Shop winter concert staples below, and let me know in the comments: what’s your go-to concert ensemble? I love that Wildfox “Miss American Dream” tee for an LCD Soundsystem show as a nod to their most recent album.

Images: Harper’s Bazaar, The Daily Mail, Pinterest (please lmk if you know the original source for the Kendall pic!)